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Aadhaanam Photographs

1. Before Aadhaanam, the Yajamaanan's token hair-cut (kshauram) is performed by the barber (Kshurakan, a non - brahmin) in the Mahaavedi.
2. Adhwaryu performs Ardhhasnaanam of Yajamaanan. The concept of Sudhham (defilement) is quite different in the Yaagasaala; No full dip bath is needed after contact with barber.

3. With folded hands Hothan chants Manthrams during the Aadhaanam ritual. In the middle wearing Uthareeyam is Adhwaryau and behind him is the Yajamaanan.
4. The horse is ritualistically fed before it is made to trample on the Aahavaneeyam Homakundam in order to purify the Kundam, which can be seen just in front of the horse's front hooves.

5. Aahavaneeyam Agni-kundam is being trampled on by a horse for purifying it.
6. Aadhanam ritual in progress.

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