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Aaranmula* Graamam
(Graamam No. 28)

Aranmula** is one among the traditional Namboothiri Graamams. Governance of the Graama-Kshethram was said to be vested with ten families ("Pathillakkaar"), though details are not correctly known. An old document "Thirunizhal Maala" refers to seven families ("Ezhillakkaar"), while another document mentions the following six Illams ("Aarillakkaar") only.

1. Aalakkol Thitta
2. Chembakamangalam
3. Nakaroor
4. Kiriyathil
5. Chembakapparambil
6. Mullamangalam

The only Ooraanma Illam that exists today is Cherukare Illam which is Chembakamangalam and Raayoor combined.

NOTE - Spelling :
* as pronounced in Malayalam
** as spelt usually

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