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"Ariyittu Vaazhcha" - Role of Namboothiris

In the year 113 BC, the villagers of Kerala met on the sand banks of Nila (Bharathapuzha) at Thirunaavaaya.(This meeting was later known as "Maamankam"). In this meeting, they enthroned the Baana Perumal as their saviour and ruler. After performing vedic rituals, the Perumal promised to rule the country as their representative, protecting Brahmanans, cows and all others. Then, after chanting "Manthrams", a mixture of basil leaves, paddy and rice ("Akshatham") was sprinkled on his head. This was followed by wearing of the crown and holding the sceptre ("Chenkol"). This procedure is known as "Ariyittu Vaazhcha".

Similar enthronement existed in different kingdoms and serfdoms of Kerala where, after a ruler passes away, his successor is elevated to the throne. The authority for performing this, rested with certain Namboothiri families. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the seniormost living member of that family to function as the chief and perform the normal duties of the king, during the intervening period.

The following are some Namboothiris who have this priestly responsibility of enthroning the king:

1."Perumal"  - Aazhvaancheri Thampraakkal
2.King of Kodungallur  - Padinjaredathu Bhattathiripad
3.Ruler of Palakkad  - Kurur Nambudiripad
4.Saamoothiri of Kozhikode  - Poomully Nambudiripad, Varikkumancherry Nambudiripad, Kirangatt Nambudiripad

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Article prepared by Advocate B. Agnisarman Namboodiri and translated by Prof: V. M. N. Nambudiripad

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