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In Cherumukku Illam, once there was a great Yogi by name "Athyaasrami", a contemporary of the renowned "Vilwamangalam Swaamiyaar" (click here). He is said to have received his higher education on Vedaanthic matters from a Swaamiyaar of Naduvil Madham. He is believed to be the author of the commetary (Vyaakhyaanam) on Bhaagavatham, entitled "Kritsna(shna)padi", and another excellent one on Aalwaar's devotional work (Lalitha Bhakthikaavyam, Mukundamaala) but under a pseudonym, "Raaghavaanandamuni"

This learned Yogi began to ignore Sudhaasudhham (click here), Sandhyaavandanam and other "Aachaarams" and "Anushtthaanams" with the result that the local Namboothiri community ex-communicated him from Attayil temple. When the temple door was closed, a divine pronouncement ("Asareeri") was apparently heard that it should not be opened by anyone. It was only very recently after some prescribed rites were performed, that the door was opened again.

An Ilanji tree (Mimosops elengi) is said to have stopped flowering after a seed fell on the leprosy-ridden Athyaasrami's body. His "Samaadhi" occurred on a hill near Trichambaram (Taliparamba, Kannur Dt.) where even now devotees reverently touch the stool (Peettham) apparently used by this Yogi.

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