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  • I came across this site by accident and have spent most of my free time over a period of 6 days reading through. Although I am not remotely connected with Kerala or any of its traditions, I just could not stop reading through the various articles in this site. I was astounded by the level of Vedic learning which is still prevalent in your community. The site is very well made and a lot of relevant information is available for your community members as well as for others. The knowledge is also very well organized and attractively. In fact this site should be a model for other similar sites. I do hope that you will post more information about the activities of your members. I would love to keenly follow this site. Best Regards Rohit Kumtha, Pune

    The site is immence useful to a history lover like me. A suggestion is that insert the index links in the left side of the site so that it could be easily accessible after reading a page. Alende devasia, India

    The website is simple, very informative, interesting and very good. I am interested in vedic activities and thatís the reason why I visit this site. K J NAGARAJAN, General Manager, Jayjayem Shipping & Logistics Pvt Ltd., Chennai

    Kudos to the people managing this website. I am amazed at the amount of information that has been collated here. This website deserves to be retained for posterity. Rahul Nambiar, Qatar

    I was a student of Namboothiri Vidyaalayam,(1951), Trissur. Very glad to see your website. Thanks. Kurian R Kalathil, U.S.A.

    Saranamayyappa!!! Your site is good. But the design can be improved better. Please avoid suing so many images in the homepage for the links. You can easily get rid of those and by using proper CSS classes to get good look and feel. I really enjoy the articles in your website. Regards. Krishnanath Iyer (A non-namboothiri who has many namboothiri friends)

    I am a westerner; an American living in Denmark. I am fascinated by the vedic rites and rituals....and your web-site illustrates "the real thing!" Warmest regards, Jerry Michael Brooks, Denmark

    Excellent site! Please include a reference in the site to Namboothirimaar - Madhavan, Parameswaran, Damodaran, Nilakantan and Jyestha Devan - the Kerala mathematicians who invented calculus. This is now acknowledged even by western mathematics professors. L. N. Srinivasakrishnan, India

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