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An Introduction

During the twentieth century there has been a decline in the higher levels of knowledge, in the richness of culture and values of the Namboothiris, the Brahmanan community of Kerala. Such a decline is seen also among the other communities in the entire country. Simultaneously there has also been isolated and collective forces working for the rightful destruction of the caste system in general, and of the supremacy of the Namboothiris that had prevailed for centuries. The community was late to see the writing on the wall, perhaps wishfully ignoring it, impeding reactions and positive actions. However, the efforts of organisations like the Yogakshema Mahaasabha to face the realities, awaken the psyche of the community and perhaps for an honourable transition and change, are truly commendable.

Going into the twenty first century, one is tempted to face the historical perspective and try to understand the relevance the Namboothiri community had in the development of the society as a whole - socio-economic, spiritual, justice system (Dharmam), and so on. This rewinding has resulted in a reasonably systematic documentation in the form of a website. The vastness of the subject naturally makes the site dynamic. The co-ordinators have tried to make it as authentic and non-controversial as possible.

A Namboothiri dressed in traditional style when ready for performing poojas or other ceremonies Courtesy: The book entitled "The last caste inquisition" by A. M. N. Chakiar

Last update:16th January 2002

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