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Karikkaad Graamam
(Graamam No. 7)

KARIKKAT: This village is located in the present Nilambur and Ernad taluks in Malappuram district, three km north of Manjeri town. The temple is dedicated to Subrahmanian and has yielded five inscriptions. The inscriptions ascribed to the 11th century, as well as the temple records of the medieval times suggest that this had once been a very prosperous temple with vast properties. There are certain peculiarities in the customs of the Braahmanans of this village, especially their women.

The eldest member of the following Illams constitute the Ooraalans of Karikkaad Subrahmania Kshethram.

S No.
Other Particulars
1 Kidangazhi Nambudiripad Aadhyan Vasishtthan Yajus   1st Ooraalan (Thampraakkal, earlier)
2 Vellakkaattu Bhattathiripad   Vasishtthan Yajus   Vaidikan (Also had Smaarthaadhikaaram)
3 Karumaarappatta Namboodiri   Aangiras     Thanthri
4 Naduvath Nambudiripad Aadhyan Vasishtthan Yajus Bodhaayanan "Wandoor Raaja" - title conferred by British Govt.
5 Maranaattu Nambudiripad   Aangiras Yajus Bodhaayanan Thanthri
6 Naduvil Mannazhi Namboodiri     Yajus    
7 Kaanjirath Mannazhi Namboodiri   Vasishtthan Yajus Bodhaayanan  
8 Cheriya Thennaatt Namboodiri   Viswaamithran      
9 Koodathinkal Thennaatt Namboodiri   Viswaamithran Yajus    
10 Pulikkathodi Namboodiri   Viswaamithran Yajus    
11 Kizhakkedam Namboodiri          
12 Moothedam Namboodiri          
13 Karuthedathu Namboodiri         Thanthri
14 Areeppurath Nambudiripad Aadhyan Viswaamithran Yajus    
15 Kaithakkal Nambudiripad Aadhyan Vasishtthan Yajus Bodhaayanan  
16 Maangottasseri Nambudiripad Aadhyan Aangiras Rik    
17 Adukkaledam Namboodiri   Aangiras Rik    
18 Aalazhi Namboodiri   Viswaamithran Rik    
19 Kaavungal Mangalasseri
Nambudiripad Aadhyan Viswaamithran Rik    
20 Kuttaanikkaattu Pullooru Namboodiri   Vasishtthan Yajus    
21 Uppilaappatta Chennalleeri Namboodiri          
22 Maanthaattupuram Namboodiri         EXTINCT - Ooraalan's rights to Vellakkaattu
23 Padiyaappera Nambudiripad Aadhyan       EXTINCT
24 Azhakath Vellilakkaattu Namboodiri         EXTINCT
25 Maruthoorkkara Namboodiri     Rik    
26 Meledam Namboodiri          
27 Kizhiyedath Moothedam Namboodiri   Viswaamithran      
28 Thaamarasseri Nambudiripad Aadhyan   Rik   EXTINCT - Ooraalan's rights to Maranaatt

Aadhyans : (8 families - Kida, Thaama, Padi, Kaitha, Nadu, Maanga, Kaavil, Ari)
Thanthris  : (3 families - Kara, Karu, Mara)
Vaidikan   : (1 family - Vella)

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