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The Last Successful "Kaimukkal"

Records at Sucheendram Temple show that a "Kaimukkal" was done in 1802 AD by one Narayanan Nambudiripad of Polpakkara Mana (then at Killikkurissimangalam, Lakkidi of Palakkad District). As to what led to it, there are two versions.

According to one, he used to teach Vedam ("Othu") to some boys. On one such night, when his wife was away, he dozed off in the entrance hall ("Poomukhappadi'). He thought he heard footsteps and felt someone touching him, which awakened him. As he sprang up he saw the Antharjanam cook walking away.

The other version is more dramatic. Polpakkara at the time had a widowed mother, her two sons and the elder son's wife. The sons were on a week-long Bhajanam in Thiruvegappura temple, as per their mother's wish. They were staying in the temple premises. One night a local defamed Namboothiri girl, a terror at the time, had apparently "touched" both. The younger one was positive about it, while the elder said he was not aware of it. Then there was a mid-night serarch of the area by all those present, but proved futile. Pricked by their conscience, the brothers sought the opinion of different Vaidikans.

The verdict was unanimous. They could right-away become Chakiars, or prove their innocence through Kaimukkal. The younger opted to be a Chakiar, but the elder one was ready for the trial, even though failure would mean becoming an out-cast Nayadi, quite humiliating in those days.

The task of Kaimukkal at far-off Sucheendram, and having to cross many rivers, backwaters and hills, was itself almost impossible for the humble middle class family. But his maternal uncle, Kirangat Nambudiripad offered help. The plan had to be postponed owing to the invasions of Hyder Ali and then Tippu Sultan.

During the Kaimukkal, his palm did not get burnt, though some nearby persons did get burns as he shook his hand after removing the silver ox replica from the boiling ghee. Thus Narayanan Nambudiripad proved his innocence and avoided being ex-communicated.

This was the last successful Kaimukkal. The next one turned out to be a failure. The practice was banned thereafter by the British Residency.

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