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Neermanna Graamam
(Graamam No. 32)

Termed variously as Niranam, Nirranam, Nirramannu, Neermann, Nilamanna, this Graamam is now practically defunct. The view held by some that this Graamam is located near Thiruvananthapuram  runs contrary to the general belief that Chengannoor is the southernmost Graamam. The 108 Illams in Parumala, with close links with Niranam were destroyed in fire. Fearing forced religious conversion, the Braahmana community of Niranam apparently emigrated en-masse to Chettuva, leading to the decline of the Graamam, and perhaps merged with Thiruvalla Graamam. The few families that now exist in Niranam are connected to Chengannoor Graamam.

Thrikkachaaleescharam Siva temple is perhaps the more likely Graamakshethram than Munnoottumangalam Vishnu temple, as believed by some, since most Braahmanan houses were clustered around the pond near the former.

Though correct information is not available about the "Pathillathil Pottimaar" (click here) (ten Potti families) of Niranam Graamam, the following families form part of it.

1. Sakthimangalam
2. Kannankara
3. Mithraakka
4. Kallummoottil, and
5. Chengazhappally

The renowned Vedam academy, "Niranam Saala", located just south of Chaala Mahaadeva Kshethram, was second only to the famous "Thiruvalla Saala".

There were around 18 major temples in Niranam, and many of them are in dilapidated state now.  The main deity in the Munnoottumangalam Devanaaraayana Swamy Kshethram is "Mahaa Vishnu" with the head of "Narasimham" (half human and half lion), but in a tranquil pose.  This temple belonged to Idayaavanathu Namboothiri who belonged to Chengannur Graamam. Though a centre of Hindu culture, Niranam marvels in its secular outlook and religious tolerance.

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Article prepared by P Unnikrishnan Nair, Niranasseril, PO: Kavumbhagam, Thiruvalla - 689 102, Phone: 0469-2604022

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