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"Nethraroga Chikitsa" (Ophthalmology)

Dr N P P Namboothiri of Nellikkat Illam in Koothattukulam (Kottayam Dist.) has gained special expertise in "Oordhwaanga Rogam" ("Saalaakya Thanthram") of ophthalmology. He has been actively pursuing this field for 30 years now. He has been successfully treating patients with retinitis pigmentosa (inflammation of the retina with pigmentation, atrophy and sclerosis), which modern medicine has hardly any cure. He concentrates also on treating for glaucoma, myopia (short sight) and hyperopia (long sight). Apart from the application of standard techniques such as "Dhaara", "Sirovasthi", "Snehapaanam" and "Tharpanam", he uses techniques developed as a result of his own research.

The Nellikkat family has traditionally been Aayurvedam practitioners. This Namboothiri's father, uncle ("Valliachhan" - father's elder brother), grandfather and others had gained expertise in the various aspects of Aayurvedam. His uncle was his first teacher (Guru). He then graduated from the Aayurveda College, Tripunithura and joined Government service, and is presently (2001) the Senior Medical Officer in the District Ayurveda Hospital at Thodupuzha.

He and his wife, Jayasree of Punathil Illam and four children live in a joint family system along with his brother's family, at the Illam. Two of his children as well as his brother's son and daughter-in-law are also graduates in Aayurvedam. His brother runs an Aayurvedic research centre and nursing home. There is also a medicine-making unit there, catering to the treatment needs. Their family deity ("Paradevatha Kshethram") is also closeby.

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Address: Dr. N. P. P. Namboothiri, Senior Medical Officer (Specialist), District Ayurveda Hospital, Thodupuzha East, Idukki Dist. Phone: 0486-226185

Residence: "Nellikkattumana", Priyadarsini Housing Colony, Karikode, Thodupuzha East, Phone: 0486-222929; Mobile: 9847033929

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