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Pathillathil Pottimaar (The Pottis of Ten Illams)

There are several Pathillathil Pottis (clusters of ten Illams), belonging to various Grihams, owning lands ("Janmithwam") and having Ooraanma (managerial authority) in many important temples. Among them, Thiruvalla Pathillam, Vaazhappalli Pathillam and Maanaar Pathillam are all of the same group.

The Thiruvalla Pathillam, belonging to three Grihams, has Ooraanma in Thiruvalla Sree Vallabha Mahaa Kshethram, distributed as follows:

I. Vilakkilimangalam Griham
a) Azhiyidathu Vilakkili of Azhiyidathu Chira (2 Ooraanmas)
b) Ilayidathu Vilakkili of Azhiyidathu Chira (1        ,,         )
c) Ilayidathu Vilakkili of Peringara (1        ,,         )


Mecheri Griham
a) Earathu Mecheri of Kaavumbhaagam (2        ,,         )
b) Moovidath Mecheri of Peringara (1        ,,         )


Ilamann Griham
a) Vaathukkottu Ilamann of Peringara (1        ,,         )
b) Chomaa Ilamann of Peringara (1        ,,         )
c) Puthiyedathu Ilamann of Kaavumbhaagam (1        ,,         )

The women of Thiruvalla Pathillathil Pottis wear white bronze bangles.

Apart from Vaazhappalli Pathillam, some Illams belonging to Idasseri Griham also have Ooraanma in Vaazhappilli Sivan temple. Mannaar Pathillam includes a few Illams belonging to Iravimangalam and Chettanappalli Grihams, although many are extinct.

Earlier to Maarthaanda Varma period, Earathu Mecheri and the ancestral family of Azhiyidathu Vilakkili had control over the whole Desam. They had their own army, and were collecting taxes too, till ME 922 (AD 1746-47), after which the fall of Thiruvalla began.

The priest (Othikkan) of Pathillathil Pottis belonging to Rigvedam was Mundanaattu Bhattathiris of Shornur, Palakkad dist. and Vellaamparabu of Thrissur dist. for Yajurvedis.

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