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"Pathinaalu Desam" (14 "Desam")

"Pathinaalu Desam" (14 "Desam") is situated in Ottapalam Taluk (previously, Valluvanaad Taluk) of Palakkad district between Vellinezhi in the west, Neelamangalam in the east, Kalluvazhi in the south and river Karimpuzha in the north. During its more than 1,000 year existence, the names of the Desams have not changed much. Originally all the families in the Pathinaalu Desam were Rigvedis, and were known for its Vedic traditions.

During the 15th or 16th century AD, a few Saamavedam and Yajurvedam families migrated here, inter-married and became integral part of the community. These were Mundaya (Saamam), Easwaramangalam Nedumpalli from Irinjalakuda Graamam, and Uduveli from the Angadipuram - Perinthalmanna area (both Yajus). Of the 32 present Illams, most (25) belong to Sukapuram, five to Perumanam and two to Irinjalakuda Graamams. One Palakkad Mana in Neelamangalam Desam ceased to exist in the absence of male children. From the early years, decision-making powers were vested with Olappamanna Mana. The two Vaidikans are Thaikkad and Cherumukku and Othikkan, Moorthyedam. The families belong to Kaasyapa, Viswaamithra, Bhaargava or Aangiras Gothrams.


1.Kaattukulam 1.Edamana Sukapuram Kaasyapam Rigvedi 1. Naalissery
Aadhyan/ Thrissur Yogam (Supremacy in these two Bhagavathy temples)
. 2.Mundaaya Peruvanam  -do- Saamavedi   --- Aadhyan/ Thirunavaya Yogam
2.Kodarmanna 3.Thaarangaad Sukapuram Viswaamithram Rigvedi Vishnu Temple
(Dwaadasi Vaaram)
Thirunavaya Yogam
3.Thottara 4.Maadambi Peruvanam Bhaargavam  -do- Pachaayil Siva Temple
(Ashtami Vaaram)
One of the few Illams having
Aadhaanam/ Thiruna. Yogam
. 5.Kazhikandam Sukapuram Aangirasam  -do-  -do- Thirunavaya Yogam
. 6.Vadakkedam  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do-
. 7.Cherumittam  -do- Athri  -do-  -do-  -do-
4.Neelamangalam 8.Nedumpally  -do- Aangirasam  -do- (Only Illam Temples)  -do-
. 9.Thazhengodam  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do-
. 10.Mekkaat  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do- Place in Paanenkali; Thrissur Yogam
. 11.Uthuveli Irinjalakuda Aathreyam Yajurvedi  -do- Thirunavaya Yogam
5.Easwaramangalam 12.Thekkaad Sukapuram Viswaamithram Rigvedi Siva Temple ("Appam"  -do-
. 13.Mukkarikkaad  -do-  -do-  -do- for Lord Ganapathy on  -do-
. 14.Aattuthala  -do- Kaasyapam  -do- 1st Friday of every  -do-
. 15.Nedumpally Irinjalakuda Aangirasam Yajurvedi Malayalam month)  -do-
6.Sreekrishnapuram 16.Kizhiyedam Sukapuram Bhaargavam Rigvedi Krishna Temple
(Thiruvonam Vaaram)
Thrissur Yogam
. 17.Kizhakkedam  -do-   ---  -do-  -do- Paanenkali/ Thiruna. Yogam
. 18.Meledam  -do- Aangirasam  -do-  -do- Thrissur Yogam
7.Valampilimangalam 19.Eledam  -do-  -do-  -do- Sankaranarayana Temple
(Ashtami Vaaram)
Yaagam rights// Thris. Yogam
. 20.Moorthyedam  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do- Othikkan/ Yaagam/ Thiru.Yogam
8.Perumaangod 21.Paanakkaad  -do- Kaasyapam  -do- Vishnu Temple (Thiruvonam
Rohini Vaarams)
Thirunavaya Yogam
. 22.Nediyedam  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do-
. 23.Perumanam  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do-
. 24.Kodanaad  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do-  -do-
purath Kizhiyedam
Peruvanam Viswaamithram  -do- Vishnu Temple (Velutha
Dwaadasi Vaaram)
Yaagam rights/ Thris. Yogam
10.Pakaraavoor 26.Kurussaathamanna Sukapuram Kaasyapam  -do-   --- Yaagam rights/ Thiruna. Yogam
11.Kuruvattoor 27.Thenazhi  -do- Viswaamithram  -do-   --- Aadhyan/ Thirunavaya Yogam
. 28.Cheleri  -do-   ---  -do-   --- Only Bhattathiripad family in the whole 14-Desam; Thirunavaya Yogam
12.Atakkaputhoor 29.Kunnam  -do- Kaasyapam  -do- Siva Temple (Karutha
Pradosham Vaaram)
Yaagam rights/ Thiruna. Yogam
13.Kalluvazhi 30.Kaplingaad Peruvanam   --- Yajurvedi Siva Temple Thirunavaya Yogam
. 31.Valloor  -do- Aangirasam Yajurvedi (Also Vishnu) (Velutha
Chathurdasi Vaaram)
Paanenkali/ Thiruna. Yogam
14.Vellinezhi 32.Olappamanna Sukapuram Viswaamithram Rigvedi Kaanthaloor Vishnu
Temple (Thiruvonam Vaaram)
Aadhyan/ Thrissur Yogam

There are about ten large temples, where Vaaram, Thrisandha and Utsavam used to be held till recently. Not any more, since temple revenues dropped drastically or ceased. The Pooja in two of the Bhagavathy temples (Naalisseri and Pariyanampatta) is performed by designated Nair families except during Mandalam period, when Namboothiris do it. There are no Thanthri families here. In times of need, outside help is sought from Andaladi, Eekkad or Panaavur Illams.

None from 14-Desam is believed to have taken up "Samnyaasam". Only five of the families have right to perform Yaagam, and one to do Aadhaanam. There is only one Bhattathiri family (Cheleri Bhattathiri). Vallur and Kizhakkedath are Chaathira Namboothiris. The families of 14-Desam belong mostly to Thirunavaya and some to Thrissur Yogam and participate, but housed separately, in Murajapam at Thiruvananthapuram.

The Pathinaalu Desam can boast of the Olappamanna family in it with the late Kunchunny Nambudiripad on whom the title "Rao Bahadur" was awarded by the British, and more recently the renowned scholar , the late O M C Narayanan Nambudiripad (Rigveda Bhaasha Bhaashyam in Malayalam), the famous poet laureate ("Mahaakavi") "Olappamanna" (Subrahmanian Nambudiripad) and the literateur Dr O M Anujan. In the Cheleri family there was one Bhattathiripad who was well-versed in Thachchu Saasthram (architecture). The Aattuthala and Vallur families are famous for their Aayurvedic expertise, especially in Visha Vaidyam (toxicology). Edamana had two Karnatic music exponents, one Ashtamoorthy Nambudiripad being a Veena Vidwaan and the other Brahmadathan Nambudiripad, a vocalist. Kanthallur temple and vicinity housed a Kathakali "Kalari" where the renowned Pattikkamthodi Ravunni Menon was the principal instructor ("Aasaan"), who followed the "Kalluvazhi Chitta" (school or tradition). Matambi Subrahmanian Nambodiri is a renowned Kathakali musician from Thottara Desam. The late Nedumpalli Krishnan Namboodiri was a great dancer and a contemporary of late Uday Shankar, and had performed around the world.

It is also said that Pathinaalu Desam earlier had only Hindus, and no Muslims or Christians.

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