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(The Rituals and Manthrams at Mealtimes)

Wash your feet, perform Aachamanam, lay out the (banana) leaf with supportive leaflets ("Keetila") underneath. Wipe the leaf clean and perform the Upastharanam (greasing with clarified butter). Do it again after serving the rice and one other dish. Touching the leaf with the left hand (the left hand stays there until getting up finally, as taking the hand off is interpreted as the closing of the meal), get a small amount of water into the right, cupped palm and trickle-sprinkle it clockwise around the served food. (the ritual of Parishechanam).

Manthram: For Rigvedis at night time : Om rithanthwaa sathyena parishinchaami
At day time : Om sathyanthwarthena parishinchaami
For Yajurvedis at both times : Bhoorbhuvaswa: Om

Get a small amount of water into the palm and consecrate the rice with it.

Manthram: For Rigvedis : Om bhoorbhuvasva: Om
For Yajurvedis (Baudhaayanan) : Om amrithamasi
                      (Baadhoolakan) : No Manthram, and no consecrating of the rice required.

Some Baadhoolakans just do the Parishechanam saying bhoorbhuvassuwa: Om and consecrate the rice with the same hand.

Get some water into the palm again and imbibe it.

Manthram (for all): Amrithopastharanamasi


Moisten palm and do Praanaahuthi (take a couple of rice grains each time to the accompaniment of the Manthrams below and consume). The same ritual for all.

1. Om. praanaaya swaahaa
2. Om. apaanaaya swaahaa
3. Om. vyaanaaya swaahaa
4. Om. udaanaaya swaahaa
5. Om. samaanaaya swaahaa

While all sub-sects stop here, the Baadhoolakans generally eat a sixth time without Manthram, while some chant Om. brahmane swaahaa.


After the meal, get some water in the palm and drink it saying amrithaapidhaanamasi.
(This ritual is common to all.)

Fold the leaf into a triangular shape from the right, bottom corner; touch ground once with right hand and get up; wash hands and perform Aachamanam. (The touching of the ground is said to be for the expiation of the sins and for the peace of all the forbears all the way to the netherworld.)

| Article No:14.1 | Last update of this article:18th February 2009 |
Source: Trai Vedika Sandhya Padhati, Vol. 1., by "Vaiyasaki".
Published by: Kerala Vaidika Parishad, Guruvayoor, Feb. 2005

English Translation: Prof. P Bhaskaran Nayar, Lincoln University, UK

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