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Public Participation in Somayaagam 2003

1. Seen with Sri. 'KPC' (Anujan Bhattathiripad) is the local MLA, Sri Therambil Ramakrishnan during the 'Staking out' of the Yaagasaala.
2. Popular singer K.J. Jesudas receiving gifts from the Thekke Madham Swaamiyar (Seer).

3. Gaanagandharvan Jesudas conversing with the Madham students of Vedam on his visit to the Yaagasaala.
4. Music maestro Popular singer K.J. Jesudas with the Brahmaswam Madham students of Vedam, and the Yajnam Committee members when he visited the Somayaagam venue during the Saala construction. Famous comedian Jayaraj Warrier is also seen in the picture.

5. Another visitor to witness the Yaagam - Famous poet Akkitham.
6. The horse - cart carrying Soma arrives at Brahmaswam Madham. The accompanying elephants can be seen behind the cart.

7. Somalatha is displayed in a public function organised by the Yajna Samithy at Brahmaswam Madham.
8. Prof. T.P. Mahadevan (Howard University, USA) and Prof. Frits Staal (Berkeley University, USA) with P. Vinod Bhattathiripad (Cheif Co-ordinator,

9. The renowned Cine-actor Sri. Dileep ofering prayers to Sukapuram Dakshinaamoorthy. The deity was temporarily consecrated near the Yaaga-Saala.
10. The famous poet Vishnunarayanan Namboothiri when he visited the Yaagasaala.

11. The Hon. Minister Sri. G. Karthikeyan witnessing the Yaagam activities from outside the Saala. Next to him is P. Vinod Bhattathiripad (Commentator for Somayaagam - 2003).
12. An important visitor, the Bishop of Thrissur being received by the Yajnam Committee.

13. The renowned Frits Staal face to face with the famous novelist Smt K.B. Sreedevi, who was the media co-ordinator for this Yaagam.
14. Nityagnihothri Dr. Jayantha Kumar Dirghangi, Kaimukku Adithiripad, Cherumukku Vallabhan Somayajipad, Puthillath Ravi Akkithiripad and Kaavapra Maarath Sankaranarayanan Somayajipad along with a Maharashtrian Somayaji (extreme right) in the yaagasala.

15. An International blessing! Renowned Vedic Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Berkeley University, Prof. Frits Staal blesses Nityagnihothri Dr. Jayantha Kumar Dirghangi (Gynaecologist, US). A dramatic scene in the vicinity of the Yaagasaala.

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