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NAMBOOTHIRI WEBSITES is a newly formed (in September 1999) voluntary and non-profit-oriented forum based at Calicut, having members from all over the world. It aims at documenting Namboothiri traditions in this website, with details of everything concerning Namboothiris like:

1. Who is a Namboothiri? How to identify a Namboothiri? Parameters of a Namboothiri family
2. Brief History / Settlement / Graamam / Vararuchi / Mezhathol Agnihotri / Sree Sankaracharyar / Griham / Desam
3. Namboothiri Classification: Functional / Vedic 
4. Vedam / Vedam studies / Gothrams / Vedic schools / Anyonyam / Vechunamaskaaram / Srouthakarmangal (Yaagam) / Yaagasaala architecture / Yaagasaala physician
5. Samnyaasam (sainthood) 
6. Namboothiri's role in Murajapam / Pattathaanam / Ariyittuvaazhcha
7. Temple culture / Temple construction/ protection / Ooraanma / Thantri/ Trantric manuals
8. Pooja / Santhi / Types of poojas / Appointment of chief priests / Namboothiri priests outside Kerala
9. Namboothiri culture / Shodasakriyakal / Daily rites (Nithyakarmangal) / Sudham & Aytham/ Punyaaham / Othikkan/ Poonool / Cremation 
10. Joint family / Patriarchal system / Matriarchal system of Payyannur Graamam / Family head / Eldest brother / Sambandham / Smaartha Vicharam / Sucheendram test
11. Dress / Costumes of Namboothiris / Antharjanams / Upanichunnis
12. Namboothiri language / Does & don'ts of word usage in the mornings / pet names / Namboothiri wits
13. Food: Simplicity / Vegetarianism / Food habits / Catering (Adukkala Namboothiris) / Feasts
14. Specialisation areas: Architecture / Astrology / Manthravaadam / Sanskrit / Recitation / Ayurvedam (Medicine) / Toxicology / Psychiatry / Paediatrics / Hasthyayurvedam / Ashtavaidyans / Treatment centres / Akshara slokam / Magic
15. Contributions to Arts: Panemkali / Chathira Namboothiris / Kaikottikali / Kathakali / Koodiyattam / Classical music / Drawing / Painting / Artistry / Engraving 
16. Contributions to sports and games: Paralpper / Native games / Chathurangam / Chess / Cricket / Thayambaka on Bow, on Roof tiles
17. Contributions to literature
18. Modernisation: Old formal education in Vedic schools / English education / Widow marriage / Marriage of younger brothers / Inter-caste marriages / Contributions to National freedom movement, Politics / Yogakshema Sabha / Antharjana Samaajam / cultural organisations outside Kerala and outside India 
19. Contributions to modern science and technology / Agriculture / Irrigation / Banking / Accounts / Auditing / Education / Judiciary / Information Technology / Cinema / Drama / Journalism / Institutions and Industries by Namboothiris / Periodicals by Namboothiris
20. Illams of architectural importance 
21. Other items: Vettekkaran paattu / Ayyappan paattu / Kalam paattu / Aanappavu (Elephant taming)

This list is incomplete. Your suggestions are always welcome. It will help expanding this list. We are in the documentation process. You are welcome to contribute articles / ideas / opinions to general pages.

The site will be updated frequently. It will grow in future. Your suggestions are the key factors. If you would like to get updated with the happenings in, you are requested to send a mail to the Chief Co-ordinater, requesting to register your e-mail address. This is a free service.

We do have quite a lot of articles on various topics on Namboothiris, waiting for funds to publish in the web. We would like to bring to your kind attention the voluntary and non-profit oriented nature of this forum and that this site belongs to the whole Namboothiri community. People working to set up and maintain this site are all volunteers. No salaried employee is working for this site. You are welcome to financially share the burden of managing / maintaining such a site. Kindly send membership amount as Demand Draft / Cheque favouring "Namboothiri Websites, Calicut", by post / courier to "The Chief Co-ordinator, Namboothiri Websites Trust, C/O Polpaya Mana, Thiruthiyad, Calicut - 673 004, Kerala, India". To get the membership details, kindly fill up the feedback form in and submit.

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2.Videography support: Drisya Videos, Koppam, Palakkad (dt). (Gireesan, Vazhakunnam Mana)

All the members of NAMBOOTHIRI WEBSITES, apart from sponsoring the venture, are voluntarily sparing their time for documentation process by collecting data and preparing articles, for the site. Your help will encourage them. Click Here to see the list of members.

First version:24th September 1999
Last update:7th March 2006

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