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Sudarsanam Vedavidyaapeettham, Aranmula

Sudarsanam Vedaviyaapeettham of Aranmula in Pathanamthitta District is constituted with an objective to promote Vedams and Vedaangams coupled with information technology for evolving a system of education based on Indian culture and modern scientific knowledge. This project has been started under Sudarsanam Educational, Cultural and Charitable Trust, Aranmula, located near Aranmula Parthasarathy temple on the banks of the holy river Pampa, and an important cultural and traditional centre of Kerala.

True education is the proper understanding of values and getting oneself disciplined and organized. This concept of education is sought to be made a reality under the "Vedagraama Project" of this trust. The Vedagraamam envisages a residential Vedic home where children will be enlightened on the traditional rhythmic Vedic recitations and its positive impacts on the human body.

Vedams are supposed to be a superstore of ancient scientific knowledge. We can find backing concepts in Vedams even for the latest inventions in science. But those who have knowledge about this are rare these days. The main reason for this is the lack of literacy in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit has been accepted as a communicative language under the Vedagraama Project. Under this project, attempts are made to instill the young generation with the scientific aspects of Vedams and Vaasthu Saasthram.

Construction of buildings in the Vedagraamam is proposed to start shortly for the provision of Vedic homes, study rooms, guest house, prayer hall, etc. Students already initiated to "Upanayanam" and admitted to this Vidyaapeettham are also given modern education in the CBSE school of the Trust. Four students were admitted for Vedic chanting under "Gurukulam" system, which is fully residential and free. Classes are being conducted in the vanishing branches and sub-branches of Krishna Yajurvedam with the sole motive of safe-guarding and up-keeping of the traditional style of Vedic chanting.

| Article No:4.4.2 | Last update of this article:13th April 2005 |
Address :
M Anilkumar,
General Secretary, Sudarsanam Trust
P Krishnan Namboodiri
Director, Veda Vidyaapeettham
P B No. 5, P O : Aranmula - 689 533, Pathanamthitta District. Tel .: 0468-2318797

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