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Thonnoorukaar (The Nineties)

In AD 830 (Kali 3931), after the Saagara Dwijans (Click here to know more about Saagara Dwijans) migrated, 90 Braahmanan families from Thulunaad (South-West Karnataka) moved to Kolathunaad (North Kerala). Though the king did not accept them, the Raajamaatha (king's mother) gave asylum to them. They are called "Thonnoorukaar" (the ninety families) and also as "Naalu Desikal" (from four Desams), "Otta Grihakkaar" (from one family), or "Bhinnathanmaar" (the ones with a difference). All of them were Yajurvedis.

Some of the families moved to the Thiruvithaamkoor (South Kerala) area, mostly in Thiruvalla, during Tippu's invasion. One version has it that they belonged to Vasishthha Gothram and Boudhaayana Soothram. But according to an old document they variously belong to Kaasyapan, Viswaamithran, Aangirasan and Vasishthhan Gothrams.

In the North Kerala, they are said to have originally belonged to Kodakkaat, Aalakkaad, Kaithappram and Kaaraad of Perunthanniyoor Desam in Perinchelloor Graamam (near Taliparamba in the present Kannur District). In Thiruvalla, Kaarakkal Neelamana, Thukalasseri Arayakkeezhu, Muthoottu Muttathu Mathham, Thukalasseri Puthiyedathu Marangaattu and Peringol Kallampally belong to this "Thonnoorukaar".

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