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Thukalasseri Bhattathiris

Thukalasseri Bhattathiris have Thanthram (head priesthood) in several Central Thiruvithaamkoor temples. Important Illams (also Grihams) among them are Parappoor, Kuzhikkaatt and Mulavana. The first two are believed to have received their assigmnent directly from Lord Parasuraaman.

Their origin is traced to the land of the Cholas, whence they migrated first to the North Malabar (North Kerala) and then to Irinjalakuda (in Central Kerala). Thereafter, 64 families moved to Thiruvithaamkoor, of which 28 belonging to the afore-said three Grihams, settled in Thukalasseri of Thiruvalla Taluk during c. (circa = about) the 13th century.

Some of the Illams in Kuzhikkaatt Griham (the names actually end in the Griham name) are : 1. Tharayil, 2. Thundiyil, 3. Tharamel, 4, Chonatt, 5. Cheruvalli, 6. Thekkedath, and 7. Vadakkedath. Of these, 2, 5 and 7 are extinct (or merged with others, "Anyam Ninnu"). Kundur and Marathur were in Irinjalakuda.

The priest ("Othikkan") of the Thukalasseri Bhattathiris was Karuvaatt Namboodiri near Pattambi in Palakkad district. One Thukalasseri Mulavana Bhattathiri was an Agnihothri of Thiruvalla Graamam.

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