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Each Namboothiri Graamam (village) has one, two or rarely three families as Vaidikans. For example, A Vaidikan is a Chief Consultant on, or an Implementation Manager of, rituals. One Vaidikan does Karmam Vidhikkal (act as consultant on various rituals in one's life) and the other, for implementation of consultant's decision. For example, Naduvathu Pudavar, Kothamangalam, Thekkaad, Kaplingaad, and Panthal are Vaidikans for Karmam Vidhikkal while Iruvisi Pudavar, Mangaad, Cherumukku, Perumpadappu and Kaimukku belong to the other category. The former are ranked better. Vellakkaat Bhattathiri and Nedumpally are the sole Vaidikans for both consultation and implementation.

In general, anyone and especially the Odikkans, can consult Vaidikans for clearing doubts. Usually, Vaidikans are consulted if there is doubt regarding Naaraayana Bali, Samnyaasam rituals, Shodasakriyakal, etc. Vaidikans like Vellakkaat and Kaimukku are also consultants on rituals for other communities (Moosad, Moothathu, Nair, etc.).

Also, a family having the right to perform Yaagam, has to follow the Yaagam-manuscript of one of the Vaidikans of their Graamam. Some Vaidikan families like Iruvasi Pudavar, Mangaad, Cherumukku, Perumppadappu, and Kaimukku themselves have the right to perform Yaagam. Other Vaidikans have however to be well-versed with Yaagam rituals as they are either consultants or have to lead Yaagams of others. For example, Thekkaad Vaidikans do not perform Yaagam by themselves but even now there are at least two members who are experts in the theory and practice of Yaagams. Each Vaidikan tradition has his own Yaagam manuscript, called Yaagabhasha, the contents of which is his style of recitation, method of performance of rituals and construction of altars.

In Yaagam, during the Agrapooja, the Yajamaanan performs the "Kaalukazhukikkal" (cleaning the feet) of all Vaidikans of Sukapuram, Perumanam, Irinjalakuda, Karikkaad and Perinchelloor Graamams.

| Article No:2.4.3 | Last update of this article:7th February 2003 |
Article Prepared by : P. Vinod Bhattathiripad and K.D. Nambudripad

Bibliography : Ekaahaaheenasathrangal, by Erkkara Raman Namboodiri (Senior) (Preethi Books, Trissur - 680 008)

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