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"Vaidika Vijnaana Kendram", Perumanna

The Vaidika Vijaana Kendram, a centre for Vedic and Thanthrik Research and Studies was started sometime around 1995 in a humble way with an aim to preserve and spread among the people the message about the depth and scientific nature of the source of Vedic knowledge. This registered, charitable trust is located at Perumanna, some 15 km east of Calicut city on land donated by Vayappuram Narayanan Namboodiri.

The primary objectives and activities of the trust include organising classes, workshops, seminars, Yajnams, studies and research for creating awareness, promoting and strengthening various aspects of Vedam and Thanthram as well as the Sanskrit language. Collective performance of rituals like "Samooha Upanayanam", and felicitating eminent exponents of Vedam and Thanthram are also part of its objectives.

The two-year course prepares one to function as "Melsaanthi" (chief priest) in major temples. Training is also being imparted for performance of the "Shodasakriyaas" (click here for Shodasakriyakal). The Yajur-Vedam style is followed here. The Centre has turned out four batches, more than 100 students, most of whom have found livelihood in the trained field itself.

The faculty is led by Perur Damodaran Namboodiri who graduated with a "Thanthra-Rathnam" from the Thanthra Vidya Peettham at Aluva (click), and include Vayappuram Narayanan Namboodiri and Paalancheri Subrahmanian Namboodiri.

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Article by Vayappuram Narayanan Namboodiri, Managing Trustee, "Vaidika Vijnaana Kendram", Perumanna, Kozhikode - 673 020, Phone: 0495-2491229

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