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Velliyaazhcha Koottam (Friday Group)

The Friday Group or "Velliyaazhcha Koottam" is the name given to a group among the Braahmanan families who left Kulapram Desam of Perinchelloor Graamam in Taliparamba Taluk, and settled down in Thiruvithaammkoor. They belong to Yajurvedi - Boudhaayana Soothram , and mostly to Vasishthha Gothram, and are considered equal in status to the Saagarans (Click here). They all used to gather in one of the Illams on a Friday of every month, and perform Devi Pooja (worship of goddess Devi), which is why the group is called so.

The group was organised under the leadership of Idamana of Vakathanam and Peringasseri of Azhiyadathu Chira. In addition, Muttathu Mathham of Perunna, Neelamana Illam of Ranni, Poovampalli of Vakathanam, Velli of Karunagappalli, etc. also belong to this group. The priest (Othikkan) of the group is Idamana of Vakathanam, who had written a Granthham (treatise) titled "Idamana Pacha". The group is included among the "Japakkaar" (those who are authorised to recite or chant Manthrams) of Kanyaakumaari and Sucheendram temples.

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