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Yaagam Photographs

1. After fire (Agni) is made by grinding using 'Arani', the waste powder is dropped into the fire.
2. Earthern pots being made by Adhwaryu and prathiprasthaathan, accompanied by chanting of Manthrams. For convenience, the pots are actually made earlier.

3. Clay pots required for the Yaagam being ritualistically made by Adhwaryu along with chanting of Manthrams (in the presence of Yajamaanan).
4. Adhwaryu (Kaapra Maarath Sankaranarayanan Nampoothiri) and Vaidikan Thekkad Kesavan Namboothiri performing rituals.

5. As a part of Pravargyam, a special ball of fire is created in order to cleanse the environment. This is performed in the Agnihothra-Saala (west).
6. Nature and the atmosphere being cleansed with special fire-ball in the Agnihothra-Saala, as a part of 'Pravargyam'.

7. The cloth-covered Soma which has been 'bought' from Kothhsan for a price has just been brought in the cart (chaat) to the north side of 'Sadassu'.
8. Cloth-covered Soma kept on the Aasandi (A pedestal) in the Agnihothra-Saala.

9. On the ground to the left are kept the 'Arani' for making fire (Agni), Ammi (grinding stone to grind rice and make Havissu), and the required vessels. Such an arrangement is made before each 'Ishti'.
10. The Yajamaanan is looking at his own reflection in the ghee (Aajyam) which has been sactified through chanting of Manthrams. If he notices any blemish or sin (paapam) in it, he would throw it backwards. This ritual is repeated before every 'Ishti'.

11. On the third day, Adhwaryu cuts and lets the Yoopam post (from Plaasu tree) fall to the north and dresses its surface. Later, it is taken to the Agnihothra-Saala, smeared with ghee and kept there.
12. On day 3, as a part of the ritual called 'Vedeekaranam', the prescribed size and location of the Yaagasaala complex are measured by Adhwaryu while Manthrams are chanted, after which the Saala is to be built for convenience, however, the Saala is actually built earlier and 'Vedeekaranam' ritual is performed at the appropriate time.

13. The needed materials are brought into the East Saala and being arranged in the shape of 'Yajna-Purushan'.
14. Prasthothan (a Rithwik) chants Manthrams in the East Saala.

15. Fire ('Agni', 'Thee') being made in the East Saala. On the ground to its right are placed the materials (Sambhara-Vasthus) vaguely discernible in the shape of 'Yajna-Purushan'. Yajamaanan is carrying Soma wrapped in Krishnaajinam (hide of Krishna buck) in his left hand, and the 'Dandu' (a special stick) in his right.
16. The Parikarmis (assistants) in the Yaagam offer (Homam) 'Soma' in their wooden bowls (Chamasams) to Agni (fire, energy) in the East Saala.

17. On the fourth day The Chaat (a car) carrying Soma is brought to the Havirdhhaanam and fixed on the ground.
18. Carts have been placed on the north and south sides of Havirdhhaanam. The Soma juice (Rasam) is kept in earthen pots placed on these carts.

19. This rice powder paste modelled as a lamb (Pishta-Pasu) on the baked plantain leaf will be hard-baked after folding the leaf edges. Parts of the figure will be cut out and ritualistically offered to fire-god (Homam), with the assumption that it is truely a lamb.
20. The long line of ladies seated to partake of the 'Sowmyam' along with the 'Yajamaana-Pathni', on the final day of Yaagam. This is believed to help bear very intelligent children.

21. The END! The Yaaga-Saala is set on fire. [Or is it the beginning of all good things to come?]

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