Somayaagam 2003
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The latest Somayaagam (Agnishtomam) was held at Brahmaswom Madhom, Trissur, Kerala. Here are some photographs and details.

The 6-day Somayaagam (Agnisthomam) began on 7th April, 2003 with Aadhanam on 6th April. The team headed by Thaikkat Vaidikan Neelakandhan Namboodiri performed the Somayaagam with Puthillam Ramanujan Namboothiri as Yajamaanan.

The total expenditure of the Yaagam was around Indian Rs. 25 Lakhs (Indian Rupees 2.5 million).

Brahmaswam Madham - A Review
A Vedic-chanting class for junior boys at Thrissur Brahmaswam Madham. The teacher is Chalakkudi Paduthol Neelakandhan Nambudiripad.
An open air Vedic-chanting class for kids at Thrissur Brahmaswam Madham

Bird's eye view of Thrissur Brahmaswam Madham
A Vedic-chanting class for kids at Thrissur Brahmaswam Madham

Vaidikan Thaikkat Neelakandhan Namboodiri, the Vaidikan for this Somayaagam
Vaidikan Thaikkat Kesavan Namboodiri, the authority of Somayaagam
Vedic experts of Thirunaavaaya and Thrissur Madhams are engaged in high level discussions with Vaidikan Thaikkat Kesavan Namboodiri at Thrissur Madham

A meeting of Somayaagam experts held at Vaidikan Thekkat Mana (near Edappal in Malappuram District), recently.
Vaidikan Thaikkat Neelakantan Namboothiri (left) & Kaapra Sankaranarayanan Somayaajippad review the quality of a few special wooden & mud utensils made for Somayaagam

Yajamaanan: Forty eight year old Rigvedic expert Bhatti Puthillath Ramanujan Namboodiri (popularly known as Aniyan Puthillam) was the Yajamaanan. After the somayaagam, he became Bhatti Puthillath Ramanujan Somayaajipad. His wife, Dhanya (daughter of Vettanaattu Paara Mana) became "Pathanaadi". Ramanujan Somayaajipad is the son of Bhatti Puthillath Ravi Akkithiripad, the Yajamanan of Kundoor Athiraathram.

Yajamaanan: Bhatti Puthillath Ramanujan Somayaajipad

Pathni: Dhanya Pathanaadi

Aacharyan (Trainer): Veteran Vedic expert Naaras Narayanan Namboodiri

Aacharyan (Trainer): Bhatti Puthillath Ravi Akkithiripad

Aacharyan (Trainer): Kaapra Sankaranarayanan Somayaajippad

Aacharyan (Trainer): Naaraas Agnisarman Namboodiri

Aacharyan (Trainer): Naaraas Vasudevan Namboodiri

Aacharyan (Trainer): Kaapra Parameswaran Namboothiri

Thottam Krishnan Namboodiri, a Saamavedi Ritwik (Udgaathan)

Dr. Thottam Sivakaran Namboodiri, a Saamavedi Ritwik (Prasthotha)

Aacharyan (Trainer): Young vedic expert Cherumukku Vaidikan Vallabhan Namboothiri

Erkkara Narayanan Namboothiri, a Rigvedi Ritwik (Maithraavarunan)

Naaraas Agnisarman (Kunhan) Namboothiri, a Rigvedi Ritwik (Agneedhran)

Neddhom Bhavathraathan Namboodiri, a Rigvedi Ritwik (Hothan)

(From right) Vaidikan & Aachaaryan, during a chanting-quality-control session of a Rithwik.

Paswaalambhanam (Animal sacrifice in Yaagams): (Animal sacrifice in Yaagams): Due to strong protest from the animal lovers, the lambs have been replaced by a special vegetarian preparation called "Pishta Pasu". Animals were not sacrificed (instead, Pishta Pasu was used) in the Athiraathrams conducted at Paanjaal (1975 AD) and Kundoor (1990 AD) and the Somayaagam, at Thiruvananthapuram (1984 AD). This time also animals were not sacrificed.

Preparations: Yaagasaala (the shed with thatched roof) was built as per its traditional measures and standards. Wooden and clay pots were also made as per traditional norms of woods & measurements. The whole ritual procedure was performed perfectly according to the traditional standards. Though not written in books, there was thunder at the end of the first Subrahmanyaahwaanam (day-2), and rain, at the end of yaagam (just after Varuneshti, a homam for Varuna, the concerned God).

Guruvayoor Thanthri Chennas Dineshan Namboothiripad performing the Bhoomipooja on 9th Mar, 2003. Vaidikans & other vedic experts have participated in the function.

Kalnattu Karmam (Initiation of the construction) of Yaagasaala was performed on 10th Mar, 2003. Vaidikans & other vedic experts have participated in the function.

The whole event was managed by a 501-member Yajnasamiti, under the leadership of

1. Olappamanna Damodaran Nambudiripad, as Chairman
2. Pandamparambath Vasudevan Bhattathiripad, as Vice Chairman
3. K.P.C. Anujan Bhattathiripad, as Vice Chairman
4. Vadakkumpad Narayanan Namboodiri, as General Convenor
5. Polpaya Vinod Bhattathiripad, as Joint Convenor & International correspondant
6. C. P. Ramaswami, as Finance Convenor
7. Sreekumar Thamarappilly, as Jt. Convenor
8. Keezhillam Krishnan Namboothiri as Jt. Convenor
9. M. S. Sreedharan as Jt. Convenor and
10.Mrs. K. B. Sreedevi as Spokesperson

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