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Avittathoor Graamam
(Graamam No. 13)

AVATTIPPUTTUR : Avattipputtur is now known as Avittathur, in Thrissur district. The Graamam temple has yielded four inscriptions of which one is thoroughly damaged. Legends have it that the deity was consecreted by the sage Agastya and they derive the word Avittathur from Agastyaputhur, which, in fact, is based on the Sanskritisation of the sounds.

S No.
1 Kuriyedam    
2 Kunnam (Nellai) Kuduppilli  
3 Kuzhikkaadu    
4 Kuduppilli   One member settled in Kunnam (Nellai)
5 Naduvam Chalakkudy  
6 Kidangazhiyam    
7 Marathompilli    
8 Kizhakkiniyedam Kodakara, Thrissur Dt. Also called Eradu, locally. One member settled in Kaippilli, Thottippal
9 Kaippilli Thottippal, Thrissur Dt. Kizhakkiniyedam, Kodakara
10 Paarakkara Puthukkad, Thrissur Dt.  

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