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Namboothiri Joint Family System

Traditionally, Namboothiris lived in a joint family system. On the paternal side, they consider their parents/ uncles/ aunts, grandparents/ uncles/ aunts, great grandparents/ uncles/ aunts, and similarly, nephews and nieces, children, grand children and great grandchildren as a single unit. This used to be a Namboothiri family. The three generations above and below formed a "tharavad". And, still above and below that was considered as a "griham". The system is now continued in very few families, as most have partitioned at different stages.

The head of the family is the ultimate authority in all matters including transaction of properties. He has overall control on all members of this joint family. In observing "pula" (defilement) also, this closeness or remoteness in relationship is considered as the basis.

| Article No:9.1 | Last update of this article:17th September 2000 |
Article prepared by B. Agnisarman Namboodiri, Advocate and translated by Prof: V. M. N. Nambudiripad

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