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Peruvanam Graamam
(Graamam No. 10)

PERUVANAM: The Peruvanam temple in Thrissur district is praised in the Manipravaalam work, "Chandrotsavam". Six Vattezhuthu and Malayalam inscriptions have been noticed in the temple. A 11th century inscription from Thiruvattoor in North Kerala referes to seven persons originally belonging to this village, along with others, being established there and a new settlement created. A similar case is registered in Kilimaanoor record of AD 1169, where to a Braahmanan from this village is a party. Peruvanam has also been a prosperous settlement, a status retained even to this day.

S No.
1 Aalakkadu, Kannanoor Kannanoor Boudhaayanan Yajus    
2 Aalakkadu, Perumpillisseri Perumpillisseri Boudhaayanan Yajus    
3 Aalakkadu, Puthenchira Puthenchira Boudhaayanan Yajus    
4 Aalathoor   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
5 Aaroor Patteri Chovvoor Boudhaayanan Yajus    
6 Akkarachittoor Perumpillisseri Boudhaayanan Yajus    
7 Akkooram Avinisseri Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras Vairooparaadhithara
8 Ambalappilli Cherpu Aaswalaayanan Rik    
9 Ambayi   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
10 Ambazhappilli Patteri Thurvail Boudhaayanan Yajus    
11 Arikkathu   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
12 Atiyalloor Varandarappilli Boudhaayanan Yajus    
13 Attiri   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
14 Avanapparambu Kunnamkulam Aaswalaayanan Rik Viswaami.  
15 Avanoor Avinisseri Aaswalaayanan Rik    
16 Avanoor Kalloor Boudhaayanan Yajus    
17 Ayiril Perumpillisseri Boudhaayanan Yajus    
18 Ayiril Patteri Urakam Boudhaayanan Yajus    
19 Cheerakkuzhi Thakarapuram Boudhaayanan Yajus    
20 Cherukunnam Chovvoor Boudhaayanan Yajus    
21 Cheruvathoor Oorakam Boudhaayanan Yajus    
22 Chirakkaamittam   Aaswalaayanan Rik Viswaami.  
23 Chiramangalam   Boudhaayanan Yajus Kaasyapa  
24 Chittadiam   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
25 Chittoor Cherpu Boudhaayanan Yajus Viswaami.  
26 Chorinchidam   Aaswalaayanan Rik Viswaami.  
27 Chovvoor Pulamanthol Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Aambarisha (Barhaspathya) Youvanaswa
28 Chovvoor Aalakkattu Cherusseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Aambarisha Youvanaaswa
29 Chovvoor Patteri   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
30 Chovvoor Pozhiyil Cherusseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Aambarisha
31 Desamangalam   Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Youvanaaswa
32 Edamana   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
33 Edappalam (Pidikkapparamb) Perumpillisseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Bharadwaaja
34 Edavazhippuram   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
35 Elamannu (Karol) Kadalasseri Boudhaayanan Yajus    
36 Elampulakkaadu   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
37 Elangalloor Thalore Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
38 Eppurathu   Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras Youvanaaswa
39 Kaarkoli   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
40 Kadalaayil, Kizhottukara Kadalasseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
41 Kadalaayil, Perunthadambu   Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras  
42 Kadalaayil, Thekkedathu Kadalasseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
43 Kadalaayil, Vadakkedathu Kadalasseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
44 Kadalaayil, Veemboor Pazhayil Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
45 Kaippancheri, Paanjaal Panjal Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras  
46 Kaippancheri, Thuravil Thuravil Aaswalaayanan Rik    
47 Kalloor Avinisseri Aaswalaayanan Rik    
48 Kanjoor Chunangad Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
49 Kannamangalam Cherpu Boudhaayanan Yajus    
50 Kaplingaadu, Chittisseri Thalore Aaswalaayanan Rik Kaasyapa  
51 Kaplingaadu, Elavalli   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
52 Kaplingaadu, Nedumpura   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
53 Kaplingaadu, Vadakkedathu Nettisseri Boudhaayanan Yajus    
54 Kaplingaadu, Vaidikan Kadalasseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
55 Kaplingaadu, Varavoor Varavoor Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras  
56 Karekkaadu   Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras Baarhaspathya Bharadwaaja
57 Karipperi Cherpu Boudhaayanan Yajus    
58 Keezhillam Cherpu Boudhaayanan Yajus Viswaami.  
59 Kidakkottuthala Thakarapuram Boudhaayanan Yajus    
60 Kirangattu Namboodiri Cherpu Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
61 Kizhakkedam, Cheruvatheri Chovvoor Boudhaayanan Yajus    
62 Kizhakkedam, Pookode Pookode Aaswalaayanan Rik    
63 Kizhiyedam, Thirunaaraayanapuram   Aaswalaayanan Rik Viswaami.  
64 Kolppuram Chunangad Aaswalaayanan Rik Viswaami.  
65 Kunnathoor Padinjaaredath Cherpu Aaswalaayanan Rik Bhaargava Chavana
66 Kurssaaroor Thaikkattusseri Boudhaayanan Yajus    
67 Kuruvattavanaavu Kodannur Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras Baarhaspathya
68 Maadambi Neelamagalam Aaswalaayanan Rik Bhaargava  
69 Maadambu Kiraloor Boudhaayanan Yajus Viswaami.  
70 Maannanampatta Shoranur Aaswalaayanan Rik    
71 Maanthitta Venkidangu Aaswalaayanan Rik Bharadvaja  
72 Maathoor Panjal Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras Vairooparaadhithara
73 Mekkaali   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
74 Meledam, Mannil   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
75 Moorkanoor Avinisseri Boudhaayanan Yajus    
76 Moothedam, Attiri Thaikkattusseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Kaasyapa  
77 Moothedam, Chittisseri Thalore Aaswalaayanan Rik    
78 Moothedam, Edathara   Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras Vairooparaadhithara
79 Mozhikunnam Cheralcherry Aaswalaayanan Rik    
80 Mudappilaappilli Thakarapuram Boudhaayanan Yajus    
81 Mulavannulli   Boudhaayanan Yajus Viswaami.  
82 Mullanezhi, Keezhe Avinisseri Aaswalaayanan Rik    
83 Mullanezhi, Mele Avinisseri Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras  
84 Mundanaadu, Moori   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
85 Mundanadu, Akkiraathu   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
86 Mundanadu, Ashtathu Chalavara Aaswalaayanan Rik    
87 Mundanadu, Chorottoor   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
88 Mundanadu, Maayannoor   Aaswalaayanan Rik Bhaargava Chyavana
89 Naarayanamangalam   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
90 Nediapparambu-Kanjoor   Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras  
91 Nenminisseri   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
92 Ottoor Mekkattu   Boudhaayanan Yajus Bhaargava  
93 Paalathole-Padinjare Paalathole Nettissery Boudhaayanan Yajus    
94 Paavutty   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
95 Padinjarethadam   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
96 Paduthole, Kurumali Thuravil Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Baarhaspathya Bharadwaaja
97 Pallatheri   Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Gouthama
98 Paalulli   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
99 Pannisseri-Pazhedam Lakkidi Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras Vairooparaadhithara
100 Parakkaattu   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
101 Paaroli   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
102 Pathiyil   Aaswalaayanan Rik Aangiras Vairooparaadhithara
103 Patloor   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
104 Pattachomayaarathu Kodannur Boudhaayanan Yajus    
105 Pattantheyam   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
106 Pattathu Patteri   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
107 Payyappilli   Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Baalakhilya
108 Pazhedam, Cherpu Cherpu Boudhaayanan Yajus Viswaami.  
109 Perumana   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
110 Perumpadappu, Moolayil   Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Baarhaspathya Bharadwaaja
111 Perumpadappu, Thekkedam   Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Baarhaspathya Bharadwaaja
112 Perumpadappu, Vadakkedam   Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Baarhaspathya Bharadwaaja
113 Perumpadappu, Vaidikan   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
114 Poomulli Peringode Aaswalaayanan Rik    
115 Purappidiam   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
116 Eledath Thaikkat Mooss Thaikkattusseri Aaswalaayanan Rik    
117 Tharananelloor Perincherri Boudhaayanan Yajus    
118 Thekkedam, Kannanoor Kannanur Aaswalaayanan Rik    
119 Thekkedam, Pookkode   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
120 Thelakkaadu   Aaswalaayanan Rik    
121 Thrikkazhippuram   Aaswalaayanan Rik Viswaami.  
122 Thrikkideeri Cherpalcherry Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Gaatheeratha
123 Ullanoor, Kadavathu   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
124 Ullanoor, Kakkara   Boudhaayanan Yajus Viswaami.  
125 Umampilly   Boudhaayanan Yajus Viswaami  
126 Uriyamadhom Chalavara Boudhaayanan Yajus    
127 Vadakkiniyedathu   Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
128 Valloor Kalluvazhi Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
129 Vellaalam   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
130 Vellaamparambu   Boudhaayanan Yajus Viswaami.  
131 Vellaani   Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
132 Velliyaadu   Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Baarhaspathya Bharadwaaja
133 Venganalloor   Aaswalaayanan Rik    

Extinct Illams
S No.
1 Chovvoor Mathoor Cherusseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
2 Chovvoor Meppuliyedath Cherusseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
3 Kadalaayil, Eledathu   Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
4 Kadalaayil, Kattottukara Kadalasseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras Baarhaspathya Youvanaaswa
5 Kadalaayil, Melottukara   Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
6 Kadalaayil, Moothedathu Kadalasseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
7 Kadalaayil, Ullanottukara Kadalasseri Boudhaayanan Yajus Aangiras  
8 Kaplingaadu-Naduvil Nettissery        
9 Koratti Cherusseri        
10 Kossery Nettissery        
11 Kunnathoor Kizhakkedath Cherpu Aaswalaayanan Rik    
12 Madathissery Nettissery        
13 Meppashi Nettissery        
14 Paalathole-Kizhakke Nettissery        
15 Perumpadappu, Naduvil   Boudhaayanan Yajus    
16 Porrakkattu          
17 Punnathoor Nettissery        

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