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Kaviyoor* Graamam
(Graamam No. 30)

The "Ooraanma" for Thrikkaviyoor (or Kaviyur**) temple was assigned to the "Pathillathil Pottimaar" (click here) (ten Potti families) of this Graamam. Though ancient documents mention only the family names, later ones include "Potti" with such Illam names.

The Kaviyur Pathillakkaar, like other ten-family clusters, belong to the original early immigrants to Kerala. They are by and large, Yajur-Vedis.  Most of the Braahmanan families in the Desams of Kottarakkara, Kuzhimathikkad, Ummannur, Parankod, Puthur, Vaipur, Keezhvaipur, Kulathur, Thrikkodithanam, Payippad, Kavungumprayar and Kalanjur are considered to belong to Kavioor Graamam.

According to documents dated ME 705 (AD 1530), the Ooraanma of Thrikkaviyur Mahaa-Kshethram was vested with the Pathillakkaar, listed below :

1. Moothedathu Vadasseri : Primary Ooraanma status; Paradevatha - Nettoor-Kaavil Bhagavathy
2. Thachira Vadasseri : Does not exist; merged with Moothedath
3. Chaathikaatta Vadasseri : ---
4. Naithalloor : Desaadhipathy (chief); Originally from Kodungallur;
  Paradevatha - Njaaliyil Bhagavathy;
  Vedam - Yajur; Gothram - Aangirasam
5. Mattalaattupuram (Aattupuram) : Vedam - Yajur; Gothram - Bhaargavam;
  Charanam - Boudhaayanam
6. Thengumpelly : Merged with Kaviyoor illam
7. Kolamangalam : ---
8. Kaviyoor illam : ---
9. Kizhakkinedath Vengasseri : Extinct; merged with Thekkinedath Vengasseri
10. Thekkinedath Vengasseri : ---

Other details -  Othikkan : Panakkaamattam (Aluva)
Vaidikan : Kaplingaad
Yogam : Thirunnaavaaya
Paradevatha : Mannadi Bhagavathy

As in the case of Potti-Graamams like Venmani, Vettikkavala, etc. the people of Kaviyoor Graamam were also not invited to the "Murajapam" (click here) conducted by the Maharaja of Travancore. The Antharjanams (Namboothiri women) of this Graamam wear Vellottu Vala (bangles made of Vellodu), Pancha-Loha Vala (bangles made of five metals), "Marakkuda" (umbrella made of palm leaves) and ear ring wire ("Kambi").

NOTE - Spelling :
* as pronounced in Malayalam
** as spelt usually

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Article prepared by P Unnikrishnan Nair, Niranasseril, PO: Kavumbhagam, Thiruvalla - 689 102, Phone: 0469-2604022

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